Those who are reading this Hay Day cheats for diamonds article are, without a doubt, are the same people who are addicted to this incredibly elaborate farming game and the ones who are aware of the importance of diamonds in this game. Like many freemium games on the market, Hay Day is also equipped with its in-game currency. In the game, we quickly learn than its golden coins and diamonds are important currency. Two key factors that help us advance in the game. But while coins can easily be earned by doing tasks such as harvesting our crops, taking care of livestocks and retailing our produces and products in our roadside humble pop-up shop, the same cannot be said for the diamonds.

However, as useful a currency as the coins are for our day-to-day dealings in the game, they are still somewhat pale in comparison to the highly valuable diamonds. Diamonds are the only hope for those who wish to get a little help in the game, more so for those who would like to get to the next level faster or speed up produce. You can grab as many diamonds possible in the game by leveling up, watching short commercial videos, or liking their Facebook page. In level 24, you too can get your hands on a couple of diamonds by doing some mining. However, there is that caveat, those free diamonds cannot be gotten easily as the advertisements are not always available, and to mine diamonds, you actually need to level up first.

The best way to get yourself some of that diamonds is, without a doubt, by making an in-app game purchases. Obviously this is not exactly affordable, and the fact that you should use your hard-earned cash to do is just off-putting to many people. But why splurge for a handful of diamonds when you can get unlimited amount of it just by following our Hay Day cheats for diamonds?