Everybody loves to play water slide, especially children. One place that you can visit to find water slides is Water Park. You can find many types or design of water slide in the Water Park. Each design gives different experiences. However, sometime, going to water park is quite difficult to be managed, in term of time or schedule. Does it mean that you or your children cannot play water slide? No, it doesn’t. You can still play water slide. In fact, you can have your own water slide in your yard. Have you heard about blow up water slides? We are going to discuss about blow up water slides and how it can make you have your own water slide.

Blow Up water slides

Blow up water slide is also well-known as inflatable water slide. It is a type of water slide that needs some air to build the slide. As you can see from the name “blow up”, you need to blow up some air into the water slide. It uses elastic and durable plastic. There is a tube that can be use to blow up the air. You need to blow up the air until the plastic is solid enough to be ridden on. Additionally, there is a small pool attached with the slide in the bottom of the slide as the finish spot.

Models or Design

There are many type of blow up water slides that has been developed so far in term of size, theme and feature. Of course, it will not be as high as what we can find in the water park, but your children will enjoy the sliding experience. Commonly, it has many interesting and unique theme such as beach, jungle, or superheroes to make children happy while playing on it.

That’s all about blow up water slide and how it can make you have your own water slide. Hopefully, this information can be a good option or reference for you who think to buy blow up water slides.